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Family Strong provides couples, individual, and family therapy, addiction recovery and group therapy in Arvada and Littleton, Colorado.


Our goal is to provide a therapeutic relationship and environment which stimulate your innate abilities to self-correct and self-heal. Safety, comfort, compassion, acceptance, kindness and warmth are foundational to what we strive to create and foster in our offices. Together we will explore the blocks, fears, anxieties and specific situations that stand in your way of lasting and deep emotional connection, fulfillment, healing and recovery.

We specialize in helping repair the broken bonds in your most important relationships, including with yourself and the ones affected by addiction. Focusing on emotional bonding and connection helps heal deep wounds and reestablishes new patterns of interaction so that you can feel safe, close, connected and secure. We’re never surprised at the change that comes when bonds are repaired.

Deeply committed to you and you’re wellness. 

Meet Our Team

Rob Reynolds, LMFT

Founder & Therapist
Couples, Individuals, Teens, Sexual Recovery

Sees clients in Arvada and Littleton

Kaitlyn Holsapple, MFTC

Couples, Individuals, Families, Teens, Children

Sees clients in Arvada

Duane Boyd, MFTC

Couples, Individuals, Families, Teens, Children, Recovery

Sees clients in Arvada, Littleton and Online

Emmy Clurman, LPCC

Couples, Individuals, Teens

Sees clients Online Only


Heal, fortify and (re)connect people and relationships by providing the most compassionate, caring and effective therapy possible. 


Stronger families, deeply bonded relationships, and a world connected with all people living their happiest lives.

We are trained experts

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We offer the most effective couples therapy (EFT)

6 yrs+

 We help children, teens, adults

24 hrs

We’ll connect with you within one day (weekdays)


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