Couples Counseling: Unlocking the Secrets to a Happy and Lasting Relationship

Effective couples counseling requires extensive training and experience. Many therapists claim to do couples counseling but never obtain the specialized education necessary to help couples in distress. Helping guide couples to closeness and connection is our main specialty.
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Relationships are our most precious assets.

We’re all born with the need for the giving and receiving of love, affection, closeness and safety. These needs are vital to our wellbeing. When they are lacking, damaged or missing we can feel lost, confused, lonely and hurt. Family Strong specializes in marriage counseling focused on helping you strengthen the bond and deepen the connection with the most important person in your life.

Our Approach to Couples Counseling

Our approach to couples counseling utilizes a model of therapy called EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). EFT addresses the core issues of emotional closeness, trust and connection. Utilitizing EFT, our therapists help to…
Identify your individual needs for connection and closeness and the negative patterns that get you stuck in disconnection
Teach you how to recognize each other’s pain and emotional needs in a genuine, caring, and authentic way
Help you learn to connect and reconnect whenever you need, for your whole life
Guide you through healing past wounds and learn how to not let them negatively affect you or the relationship now or in the future
Make the relationship a safe shelter for you and your partner
Promote effective communication skills to enhance understanding, empathy, and emotional responsiveness within the relationship

We want you to connect with each other deeply, for your whole life.

At Family Strong Counseling, our clinicians in Arvada and Littleton are highly trained and educated in relationship systems and dynamics, specializing in Couples & Marriage Counseling. We have extensive experience in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a transformative approach supported by over 20 years of research. EFT allows us to address the core issues of disconnection, fostering healing, trust, and deep bonds that last a lifetime. Our belief in EFT’s effectiveness stems from witnessing its transformative power, making it the most impactful form of couples therapy. With us, couples experience powerful and lasting change, gaining a profound sense of secure connection.
Couples Counseling

Signs Your Relationship Could Benefit from Couples Therapy


Communication breakdown

Frequent arguments or conflicts
Loss of emotional connection

Trust issues

Intimacy and sexual dissatisfaction
Life transitions and adjustments

Emotional or physical abuse

Different values and goals
Infidelity or breach of trust

It’s not too late!

We can help even if it feels like all hope is lost! We’ve seen couples come back from the brink of divorce or separation. We’ve helped couples not only heal from betrayal and infidelity but become even stronger than they were before (yes, seriously!). We’ve helped couples navigate through the coldness of becoming “really good roommates” to the heat of passion and intimacy.

We’ve helped couples walk the path of recovery and find balance, harmony and healing with each other. We’ve even reconnected couples already separated and even divorced.

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Sometimes a simple phone call is all it takes to start feeling better so before throwing in the towel pick up the phone and give us a call!

Not headed for divorce but feeling disconnected?

The best time to address patterns and feelings of distance or disconnection is right now, before things get worse. We know it can feel like it but seeing us DOES NOT mean that your relationship is headed for destruction. We also know that it can feel vulnerable to reach out to a therapist. We’re here to not only ease you into the process but to reassure you that we want to help you have the happiest, most satisfying relationship possible!

We can help whether you’re relationship status is newly dating, married for 50 years or anywhere in between. We especially love working with engaged or dating couples to help them build a foundation for marriage that will last a lifetime!


If You’re Ready To Experience Life Better, We’re Here To Help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on improving the relationship dynamics between partners. It involves meeting with a trained therapist who helps couples explore and address the issues affecting their relationship. The therapy sessions aim to enhance communication, build trust, resolve conflicts, and foster emotional connection and intimacy.

Does couples counseling work?

Yes, couples counseling can be highly effective in improving relationships. Research has shown that couples who engage in counseling often experience positive changes in communication, conflict resolution, and overall relationship satisfaction. However, the success of couples counseling depends on the willingness of both partners to actively participate and work towards positive change.

How long does couples therapy usually last?

The duration of couples therapy can vary depending on the unique circumstances and needs of each couple. Some couples may achieve their goals in a few sessions, while others may require several months of ongoing therapy. The therapist will assess the progress and collaboratively determine the appropriate duration of therapy.

What can I expect in couples counseling sessions?

In couples counseling sessions, you and your partner will engage in open and honest discussions with the therapist present. The therapist will facilitate constructive conversations, provide guidance, and offer tools and strategies to improve your relationship. The sessions may involve exploring past experiences, identifying patterns, learning effective communication techniques, and setting goals for the future.

How do I know if couples counseling is right for us?

Couples counseling can be beneficial if you and your partner are experiencing relationship challenges, communication difficulties, conflicts, or a loss of connection. It can also be helpful as a preventive measure to enhance a healthy relationship. If you feel stuck, unhappy, or unsatisfied in your relationship, couples counseling can provide a supportive and constructive environment to address these concerns.

Can couples counseling help after infidelity?

Yes, couples counseling can help couples navigate the complex emotions and challenges that arise after infidelity. Therapists trained in couples counseling can assist in rebuilding trust, exploring the underlying issues that led to the infidelity, and facilitating open communication to work towards healing and rebuilding the relationship.

What if we've already separated or divorced? Can couples counseling still help?

Even if you’ve separated or divorced, couples counseling can still be beneficial. It can provide a space for open and honest communication, facilitate healing, and help you navigate co-parenting or redefine your relationship in a healthier way. The goal is to improve understanding and find common ground, even if reconciliation is not the ultimate outcome.
Couple Counseling