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Family Strong Counseling provides couples, individual, and family therapy, outpatient addiction recovery and group therapy. We work with children, teens and adults.

Our therapists have the specialized training necessary to help you successfully navigate the struggles and conflicts found in couples and family relationships. We are passionate about helping helping individuals, couples and families forge loving bonds, reignite passion, conquer challenges and live their happiest life.

We invite you to schedule an initial session or brief phone consultation with us. The best way for you to get a feel for your therapist is by meeting face to face.

Couples Therapy

Compassionate, empathic, deeply transformative therapy for couples wanting a forever bond.

Family, Teen & Child Counseling

Guidance for families longing to create a safe harbor. Rockstar therapists for teens and children.

Personal Growth

Personalized, authentic and incredibly caring individual therapy to support you in living your best life.

Depression & Anxiety Counseling

Effective help to overcome the impact of depression, anxiety, grief, addiction and other struggles.

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Caring, compassionate, experienced therapists in Arvada and Littleton Colorado

Rob Reynolds, LMFT

Rob Reynolds, LMFT

Founder | Therapist

Emmy Clurman, LPCC

Emmy Clurman, LPCC


Kaitlyn Holsapple, MFTC

Kaitlyn Holsapple, MFTC


Amanda Bassett

Amanda Bassett

Client Care Coordinator

What Clients Say

Unsolicited, real feedback from clients of Family Strong

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for our time together. You’ve given me a strength and power I didn’t know I could have. Thank you for your guidance, kindness and gifted care!


Individual Client

Counseling with you has enabled me to take my journey back to sanity. I knew what it meant to have no hope. I am grateful to have it again! My counseling has helped me remember that I can succeed. Somehow I had forgotten. My sincere thanks!


Individual Client

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