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Couples Counseling

Compassionate, empathic, deeply transformative therapy for couples wanting a forever bond.

Family Therapy

Heal old wounds, forge unbreakable connections, and embark on a remarkable voyage towards a future filled with laughter, love, open communicatation and the beauty of shared vulnerability.

Teen & Child Counseling

Empowering teens to navigate the complexities of adolescence and nurturing the emotional well-being of children. We tailor our therapeutic approach to help young minds blossom.

Individual Counseling

Personalized, authentic and incredibly caring individual therapy to support you in living your best life.

Sex Addiction Recovery

By working with 3 essential components of recovery for individuals and couples we help to rebuild the foundation for lasting freedom and wholeheartedness.

Pornography Addiction

Unleash your true potential beyond the pixels. Together, we’ll shatter the chains that hold you captive, and guide you towards a life of genuine connection, intimacy and fulfillment. 

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Experience the profound impact of deep emotional bonds, effective communication, and renewed intimacy. Unlock the potential for a more fulfilling and secure relationship.

Anxiety Counseling

Untangle the knots of worry and doubt and discover the hidden strength within you. Rewrite your story, and unleash the vibrant, unstoppable force that anxiety once tried to suppress.

Depression Counseling

Break free from the grips of darkness. Discover hope, healing, and a brighter tomorrow through compassionate counseling that nurtures your mind, lifts your spirit, and rekindles the light within.


Caring, compassionate, experienced therapists in Arvada/Wheat Ridge and Littleton, Colorado

We are a team of skilled mental health professionals who care deeply about you and your wellbeing. Our therapists have the specialized training necessary to help you successfully navigate the struggles and conflicts found in couples and family relationships as well as individual life. We help individuals, couples and families forge loving bonds, reignite passion, conquer challenges and live their happiest life.

We invite you to schedule an initial session or brief phone consultation with us. The best way for you to get a feel for your therapist is with a personal introduction.

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