Revitalize Your Family Bonds with Family Therapy

Fortifying the bonds in our families has never been more important. Family dynamics are always complex, and sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, feelings overwhelm and communication breaks down creating a rift in our connections to each other. We know how to help you (re)connect.
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Restoring Harmony and Marital Happiness

Overcome challenges and strengthen your relationship with the help of couples therapy. Discover new ways to communicate, rebuild trust, and cultivate lasting love.

Empowering Family Transformation

At Family Strong Counseling, our services are designed to empower families to transform their relationships and create a strong foundation of love, understanding, and connection. Through a range of specialized approaches, our skilled therapists provide compassionate guidance and support to address specific challenges and promote growth within the family unit.
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Play Therapy

Create a nurturing space for communication, expression, and understanding to flourish through the magic of play. Build a solid foundation of trust, resilience, and love. Weave a tapestry of connection and harmony within your family.

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Families with Adult Children

Unravel the layers of history, heal past wounds, rekindle understanding, and foster reconciliation with skilled guidance and empathetic support.

Blended family

Blended Families

Build unbreakable bonds, and create a harmonious family mosaic that embraces the beauty of individuality and celebrates the strength of togetherness. Step into a new chapter of love, support, and shared growth.



Compassionate guidance to help you navigate the complexities of attachment, identity, and transitions while honoring the beautifully unique tapestry that defines your family.


Groups and Workshops

Join transformative workshops led by skilled therapists, fostering growth, connection, and healing through shared experiences and support. Gain valuable insights, effective tools, and lasting bonds in a nurturing community.

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT)

Explore the depths of connection with a skilled therapist, unraveling disconnection and experiencing the power of emotional bonding. Learn the dance of attachment and develop the skills to restore connection and harmony.

We Support Families to Overcome Challenges

At Family Strong, our approach is rooted in the principles of openness, compassion, and trust. We understand the importance of walking alongside your family, providing unwavering support and gentle guidance. Our goal is to bridge communication gaps and intervene in destructive patterns of hurtful words or actions that hinder family growth, well-being, and connection. Together, we work collaboratively to overcome the unique challenges that families face, drawing upon our therapists’ expertise in family relationship systems and dynamics. With our specialized knowledge, we empower families to navigate their difficulties and cultivate a stronger, more harmonious bond.
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Recognizing the Signs Your Family Is In Need of Therapy?


Difficulty in communication


Constant conflicts and arguments

Lack of trust and transparency

Emotional distance and disconnection

Parent-child relationship strain
Blended family challenges

Impact of significant life changes

Struggles with discipline and boundaries
Unresolved past trauma or unresolved grief
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Family isn’t just an important thing. It’s everything.

When possible, the most effective course of therapy is to engage children with their parents in family therapy, regardless of the presenting problem. Developing or deepening feelings of trust and safety and enhancing emotional bonds with parents allows teens the emotional security and freedom they need to self correct. Acting out, destructive and defiant behaviors often calm down drastically when a teen feels trust and connection with the people closest to him or her.

Sometimes a simple phone call is all it takes to start feeling better so before throwing in the towel pick up the phone and give us a call!

We want your family to be a safe harbor of connection.

We believe wholeheartedly in the beauty and strength of the family! Helping families create feelings of trust and safety and improving communication and problem solving lie at the heart of what we do. We love helping families grow stronger by creating wholeness and healing connections. We help families create a safe harbor of compassion and connection by honing the skills necessary to navigate the troubled waters of disharmony and disconnection.

If You’re Ready To Experience Life Better, We’re Here To Help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does family therapy work?

Yes, family therapy can be highly effective. Research and clinical evidence demonstrate that family therapy can lead to positive outcomes, including improved communication, better understanding between family members, enhanced problem-solving skills, and increased overall family satisfaction. However, the success of family therapy depends on the commitment and active participation of all family members involved.

How long does family therapy typically last?

The duration of family therapy can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the issues, the goals of therapy, and the level of family engagement. Some families may see progress within a few sessions, while others may require several months of ongoing therapy. The therapist will work collaboratively with the family to determine the appropriate duration of therapy.

What is functional family therapy?

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence-based approach to family therapy that focuses on improving family dynamics and addressing problematic behaviors within the family unit. It aims to enhance communication, problem-solving skills, and relationships, with the goal of creating a more functional and supportive family environment.

What's the purpose of family therapy?

The purpose of family therapy is to improve the overall functioning and well-being of the entire family system. It aims to address relational conflicts, improve communication, strengthen bonds, and foster a healthier and more harmonious family dynamic. Family therapy also helps individuals within the family understand and support each other through challenging situations.

When is family therapy not appropriate?

Family therapy may not be appropriate in cases where there is ongoing abuse or violence within the family. In such situations, the safety and well-being of individuals involved must be the priority, and individual or specialized interventions may be necessary before engaging in family therapy.

Can family therapy help with specific family issues, such as substance abuse or mental illness?

Yes, family therapy can be beneficial in addressing specific family issues, including substance abuse, mental illness, or other challenges. It provides a supportive and structured environment where family members can learn effective coping strategies, improve communication, and strengthen support networks. Family therapy can also help families understand how these issues impact the entire family system and develop strategies for recovery and healing.

How do I know if my family would benefit from therapy?

Families can benefit from therapy if they are experiencing ongoing conflicts, communication breakdowns, strained relationships, or significant life transitions that impact the family dynamics. If your family is struggling to resolve conflicts, cope with challenges, or maintain healthy relationships, seeking the guidance of a family therapist can provide valuable support, insight, and tools to navigate these difficulties.
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