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BA in Psychology, Brigham Young University

MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, Argosy University Denver

AASAT trained Sex Addiction Therapist

E.F.T. trained Couples Therapist

Rob Reynolds, MAMFT

Director & Therapist

ob is a marriage and family therapist specializing in individual, couples, group therapy, and addiction recovery. He maintains two locations for Family Strong with offices in Arvada and Littleton, serving the Denver West Metro area. He’s proud to have his practice affiliated with LifeStar, and believes wholeheartedly in the reality of recovery.

Rob has had many professional experiences over his career, including working in an outpatient community mental health clinic and a group home for adjudicated youth, serving court-mandated domestic violence and DUI clientele, and independent private practice. He has presented workshops to families experiencing substance abuse, and to marriage and pre-marriage audiences. His experiences have given him an exposure to a broad spectrum of clients, and have helped shape his professional identity.

Rob’s style and approach are often described as laid back and easygoing which helps to ease tension and awkwardness and soothe stress and anxiety in the therapy room. His clients appreciate his natural ability to create a feeling of acceptance and support. He finds power in laughter and tends toward using humor to help create an atmosphere of healing. Rob is a big believer in constantly striving for authenticity and wholeheartedness, both professionally and personally.

Rob has incredible passion for helping his clients to heal and to develop rich, fulfilling, deep emotional bonds. He loves guiding clients through the recovery process and is constantly amazed by their innate abilities to self-heal and self-correct. Rob finds pehenomenal satisfaction in his work and is deeply touched and honored to take part in his clients’ therapeutic process.