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Couples Counseling is our MAIN specialty. 

We believe that we’re all born with the need for both giving and receiving love, affection and closeness. When that closeness is lacking or missing in the relationships most vital to our wellbeing we can feel lost, confused, lonely and hurt. Family Strong specializes in marriage counseling focused on helping you strengthen the bond and deepen the connection with the most important person or people in your life.

Make no mistake-effective couples counseling requires extensive training and experience. Many therapists claim to do couples counseling but never obtain the specialized training necessary to help couples in distress.

Clinicians at Family Strong Counseling in Arvada and Littleton have the training and education in relationship systems and dynamics necessary to do effective couples counseling. We also have specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is the foundation of the counseling that we do with couples. 20+ years of research validating its effectiveness and our own experiences seeing its transformative power have led us to wholeheartedly believe in EFT and it’s attachment focus to deeply heal and restore individuals and relationships. EFT helps us get to the core of a couple’s disconnection so that they can feel safe, secure, trusting, and deeply bonded with one another for a lifetime. Simply put, EFT is the most effective form of  couples therapy ever! There is nothing more healing or impactful on a relationship than gaining or regaining a deep sense of secure connection. Couples who work with us experience powerful, lasting change!

Our approach to couples counseling utilizes a model of therapy called EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). EFT addresses the core issues of emotional closeness, trust and connection. Utilitizing EFT, our therapists help to

  • Identify the patterns that get you stuck as well as your individual needs for connection and closeness
  • learn how to recognize each other’s pain and emotional needs in a genuine, caring, and authentic way
  • help you learn to connect and reconnect whenever you need, for your whole life
  • guide you through healing past wounds and learn how to not let them negatively affect you or the relationship now or in the future
  • make the relationship a safe shelter for you and your partner

It’s not too late! 

We can help even if it feels like all hope is lost! We’ve seen couples come back from the brink of divorce or separation. We’ve helped couples not only heal from betrayal and infidelity but become even stronger than they were before (yes, seriously!). We’ve helped couples navigate through the coldness of becoming “really good roommates” back to the heat of passion and intimacy. We’ve helped couples walk the path of recovery and find balance, harmony and healing with each other. We’ve even reconnected couples already separated and even divorced! 

A simple phone call is sometimes all it takes to start feeling better so before throwing in the towel pick up the phone and give us a call! 

Not ready for divorce but feeling disconnected?

The best time to address patterns and feelings of distance or disconnection is right now, before things get worse. We know it can feel like it but seeing us DOES NOT mean that your relationship is headed for destruction. We also know that it can feel vulnerable to reach out to a therapist! We’re here to not only ease you into the process but to reassure you that we want to help you have the happiest, most satisfying relationship possible! We can help whether you’re relationship status is newly dating, married for 50 years or anywhere in between. We especially love working with engaged or dating couples to help them build a foundation for marriage that will last a lifetime!

What is EFT?
We all get into patterns of disconnection in our relationships. It’s normal to sometimes feel lonely, unheard, or not trusted. When stuck in a negative pattern, most of us will wonder “do I really matter to my partner?” or “will my partner really be there for me when I need them most?” These patterns of disconnection keep us feeling alone. Typically, either anger and frustration will surface in one partner and withdrawal will emerge in the other. Both behaviors often lead to fighting and even more disconnection. Couples experiencing these negative patterns often identify with phrases like “we have the same fight over and over,” or “we’ve become just roommates.” We help couples understand these patterns and each other deeply and then work to create new patterns of meaningful connection.

Why do we do EFT?
We’re all human! We’ve been there too. We know the sting and hurt of feeling disconnected, lonely, and misunderstood. We also know the soothing and healing that comes when we find connection with the people we love most. The work we do with EFT is powerful, transformative, and deeply impactful. We won’t sugarcoat-it’s not easy to go through. But we do it because it’s worth it and it works! We don’t waste a lot of time teaching you tools or skills that don’t last. We work to get right to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible so you and your partner can feel the joyful relief of reconnection. We help you learn how to repair and connect over and over so that you can feel the closeness for which you’re longing your whole lifetime.

Why should I choose an EFT therapist?


You’ve already taken a big first step! Visiting our site means that you’ve acknowledged you marriage is in a fragile place and that you need help. The next steps are to give us a call or send us a message and schedule a 20 minute phone consultation or initial session. We know that reaching out to a therapist can be overwhelming. We’re here to guide you through the process and make sure you feel confident about seeing us.

Are you there for me?

Do I matter to you?

Are you there when I need you most?

Will you comfort me when I”m hurting or afraid?

Am I free to be myself with you? Do you love the real me?

Are you in my corner? Are we in this together?

We want to do everything we can to make sure that you get the best therapy possible. We strongly encourage you to attend a first session. This is the best possible way to get a good feel for your therapist. Finding a good fit with your therapist is critical! This means that, in the rare event we’re not a good fit for you, we will provide you with contact information for other exceptional therapists whom we trust.

Schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation or initial session today.

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