Timothy Rogers, MFTC

Family oriented. Culinary enthusiast. Thrilled thespian. Lover of yoga, spirituality, meditation and everything that soothes the mind.

“Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure.”

 -William Saroyan


Meet Timothy

Timothy is an MFTC specializing in adolescents, families, individuals, and addictions.

Timothy started his career working with adolescents and families while working within the Los Angeles Unified School District as a middle and high school teacher. It was as a teacher that he realized that he wanted to find a way to be more of service to adolescents and their families.
Timothy transitioned into working as a counselor for adolescents and families at an all boys Catholic school. He has also worked with clients in community-based treatment centers where he helped men and women gain the tools to overcome lives challenges. While working with individuals and groups at residential treatment centers, Timothy gained an ear to listen to people’s personal stories and help them unpack the trauma that leads to addiction. As a Group Facilitator at Celebrate Recovery, he helped men overcome the shame that often comes with balancing sex addiction with their walk of faith.
Timothy’s therapeutic style and approach helps clients feel comfortable to open up and become vulnerable. It’s through vulnerability that clients begin to change. His awareness of humanity within the therapeutic relationship helps him to be more open to the needs of the client. Through using a Person-Centered, Solution-Focused approach, Timothy has helped clients regain their stories and transform into the healthy and whole individuals that they were meant to be.

“I believe that healing comes when we find the courage to open up and share our personal
stories with others. It is through this sharing that we begin to recover from our sorrows and
regain our hope.”

Contact Timothy

Phone: 720-446-9664

Mail: Office: Arvada, Littleton

Contact Timothy

Office: Arvada, Littleton

Areas of expertise

Families | Adolescents | Individuals | Addictions

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