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Why do we use it?

Family relationships are always complex. Sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, feelings overwhelm and communication breaks down creating a rift in our connections to each other.


we understand the nuances of family relationships. When frustration, sadness, anger or resentment divides family members our counselors facilitate re-connection, acceptance, and love for each other.


style works on a foundation of openness, compassion, and trust. We walk side by side with your family giving supportive and gentle guidance. Together we will build bridges over communication gaps and interrupt angry patterns of hurtful words or actions that get in the way of family growth, wholeness, and connection.

We believe wholeheartedly in the beauty and strength of the family! Helping families create feelings of trust and safety and improving communication and problem solving lie at the heart of what we do. We love helping families grow stronger by creating wholeness and more satisfying connections.

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is a model of therapy focused specifically on the bonding and attachment family members share with each other. This powerful treatment method engages parents, children, teens, preteens in strengths based, supportive conversation to help smooth the rough waters of tension and anxiety. Family Strong therapists specialize in helping your family reengage emotionally with each other.

Critical stages of development occur during preteen and teen years in which it’s natural for some tension and conflict to arise. Developmentally, this stage is all about asserting independence and getting to know oneself, which can cause growing pains in the family unit as everyone adjusts to new roles. These growing pains often lead to disconnection, frustration and heartache. Similarly, younger children also have a core need to feel safe in the relationships they share with parents and siblings. Children often communicate these needs through tantrums or crying, which can also increase tension and conflict in the family. Learning to hear and respond to each other’s cries for connection decreases bickering, tension, and stress and enhances the closeness in which families thrive. Families enjoy a natural state of peace, harmony, and tranquility when bonds are strong and fulfilling. The goal of EFFT is to deepen communication and encourage loving acceptance of one another. Family Strong provides a safe, compassionate environment for each member of the family to identify, explore, and ultimately express feelings and heal.

Teenage years are tough. Not only are teens experiencing an all-time high level of stress and pressure, but they’re also spending less time with their families than ever before. The family has always been a source of comfort for teens. This means that they need connection, closeness, and safety in these vital relationships more than ever. We find that a focus on attachment and bonding techniques is especially effective with teens.

When possible, the most effective course of therapy is to engage teens with their parents in family therapy, regardless of the presenting problem. Developing or deepening feelings of trust and safety and enhancing emotional bonds with parents allows teens the emotional security and freedom they need to self correct. Acting out, destructive and defiant behaviors often calm down drastically when a teen feels trust and connection with the people closest to him or her.

We care about teens and teen counseling at Family Strong. Developing the therapeutic relationship with teenagers can be tricky. Counseling with teens requires a special set of skills that not every counselor possesses, or wants to develop. Our focus on attachment and bonding means that we’re both experienced in and equipped to handle the unique challenges encountered with teens in therapy.

Sometimes a teen wants to engage in one-on-one therapy. We encourage you to support your teen in individual counseling if they express interest in coming in alone. Similar benefits can be had in developing a safe, secure therapeutic relationship with the therapist as with parents.

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