Porn Addiction & Sexual Compulsion Recovery

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We focus on the components of recovery essential to lasting change.

3 Components of Real Recovery

By working with 3 essential components of recovery for individuals and couples we help to rebuild the foundation for lasting freedom and wholeheartedness.

1. Recovery for the individual

2. Recovery for the betrayed partner

3. Recovery for the relationship

The New Frontier of Recovery

A revolution is happening in the treatment of addiction and we are proud to be on the leading edge! Not only do professionals understand addiction better than ever before, we are also understanding how to more effectively treat sex addiction more than ever. Our approach to sex addiction recovery at Family Strong utilizes the latest science of attachment as well as new studies in effective addiction recovery. This leads us to harness the best parts of traditional recovery counseling coupled with our expertise in connection and attachment to provide an incredibly effective course of treatment. We help our clients find freedom and real recovery! Our guiding principle is that connection is the opposite of addiction.

Out of the pain of isolation. Into the freedom of connection.

Effectively treating sex and pornography compulsions and addictions is a highly specilazed area of expertise and requires training, experience, knowledge and skill. Clinicians at Family Strong are trained and/or certified by the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT). We can help you face and overcome the shame, anger, isolation, and hopelessness that comes with addiction so that you can finally live your happiest, wholehearted life!

The Opposite of Addiction is NOT Sobriety. The Opposite of Addiction is CONNECTION.

Although sobriety is a critical aspect of recovery work, our focus is on helping you achieve real recovery by learning to find and embrace connection and wholeheartedness. Addiction is often about medicating pain. It’s an act of turning away and inward, stepping into the shadows of isolation and out of the light of connection. For the addicted, sex and pornography become stand-ins, a “lover” that will never say no, that will always “be there.” You already know that the rush of excitement and anticipation and the promise of a payoff never satisfies what you’re really craving. There’s a reason for this! The pain you’re trying to medicate, the feelings you’re trying to hide from and the void you’re trying to fill can never be fulfilled in a relationship with sex or pornography. But no matter where or how they originated, that pain and emptiness can be healed and made whole. We focus on helping you learn how to utilize the power of vulnerability and connection so that you’re equipped to maintain not only sobriety but lasting change and recovery!

Group Motto

We gather to share our pain and struggle with courage and love, to own our truth and lift each other in honesty and light, to face down our demons and fight for ourselves and each other. We go forth with the strength of our brotherhood, committed to our battle, with hope for healing and wholeheartedness and with conviction that we will prevail.

Group Recovery

The research is clearparticipation in a group is an essential part of recovery. Groups at Family Strong are not like other groups you may have attended. Traditional 12 Step groups can feel like a revolving door of participants which can make it hard to connect with and trust others. To ensure that we can foster the healing connections necessary for effective recovery, we keep our groups small with a maximum of 6-8 members and we require a commitment in order to join. Although the concept of connection provides the foundation of our groups, we also use recovery materials and the effective elements of traditional 12 step programs that offer the structure needed by the addicted brain. We have found that this combination is exceptionally effective!

We know that joining a group can be intimidating and uncomfortable. We’re here to offer guidance and be by your side to help you face down the fear and take a step into the light!

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