Haley Bagley, MFTC

Connection seeker. Amateur baker extraordinaire. Outdoor enthusiast. Curious explorer of this planet and every being on it.

“The more we are able to trust, the farther we are able to venture.”
-Esther Perel 

Meet Haley

Hello friends! My name is Haley, and I am a marriage and family therapist specializing in couples and family work, trauma, and experiential therapies.
Before becoming a therapist, I competed as a division one varsity rower at the University of Minnesota. I have always been passionate about physical health, but it was during these years that I felt the importance of taking care of my mental health as well. I grew this holistic view of health, and began to teach art classes at a studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was here that I really witnessed the true power of human relationships. I watched people from age 6 to age 65 connect with each other in truly authentic ways as they sat side by side, working on their projects. It was inspiring to me to watch people engage more with each other, as they connected to their authentic selves through their creativity.
After moving to Colorado to pursue my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I transitioned into working at the Tennyson Center for Children, and the Regis Center for Counseling and Family Therapy. Throughout my time at these places, I learned so much about how trauma affects family systems and relationships, and the importance of working towards healthy attachment in relationships.
As a therapist, I use Emotionally Focused Therapy, as well as aspects from narrative therapy to combine the growth potential that I believe comes with healing attachment wounds and reauthoring problem stories within our lives. My style is very client-directed, warm, curious and open. I strive to truly get to know each of my clients, and through doing that create the trust necessary to do deep emotional work to facilitate change.

“I do not have a bag of magic beans that will automatically solve problems. You already have a pocket full of metaphorical magic beans, and I’m here to help you illuminate new corners of yourself to find them.” 

Contact Haley

Phone: 720-680-2656


Sees clients: Arvada, Littleton, Online

Contact Haley

Sees clients: Arvada, Littleton, Online

Haley's areas of expertise

  • Couples & Relationships
  • Families
  • Teens & Children (8 and under with primary attachment figure(s) only)
  • Individuals
  • Movement Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Trauma

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