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amily Strong provides couples, individual, and family therapy, outpatient addiction recovery and group therapy.

Our goal is to provide a therapeutic relationship and environment which stimulate your innate abilities to self-correct and self-heal. Safety, comfort, compassion, acceptance and insight are foundational to what we strive to create and foster in our offices. Working together we will explore the blocks, fears, anxieties and specific situations that stand in your way of lasting and deep emotional connection, fulfillment, healing and recovery.

We specialize in helping repair the broken bonds in your most important relationships, including the ones affected by addiction. Focusing on emotional bonding and attachment means helping to repair broken bonds and restablishing new patterns of interaction so that you can feel safe, close, connected and secure. We’re never surprised at the change that comes when bonds are healed.

We’re proud to be affiliated with LifeStara network dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and recovery to individuals, families, and spouses affected by unwanted compulsive sexual behaviors and the powerful grips of sex addiction.

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