Sex Addiction Recovery

Helping you find your strong.

You're Not Alone

You can have happiness. You can find peace. You can overcome. You can uncover the sense of wholeness, joy and healing that you’ve been longing for. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Support for Partners

Recovery is never one sided in a relationship. We firmly believe that support for the partner of an addict is absolutely essential, both to the spouse and to the relationship.

Couples Recovery

Addiction is the opposite of connection. This means that healing for the relationship is a key part of recovery. You can have deep, lasting and fulfilling connection. We can hlep.

LifeStar Recovery Program

Designed to help guide you through recovery from beginning to maintainence. The program has been helping people find freedom from addiction for 20 years.

Sex addiction manifests in many different forms, with a variety of consequences and with an assorment of acting-out behaviors. These may include

  • crossed lines or boundaries caused by lost control over sexual behaviors
  • loss of or severely impacted significant relationships because of sexual behaviors
  • loss of employment, discipline by employer, or decrease in productivity due to impact of sexual behaviors
  • significantly decreased or lost interest in spending time with family or close friends
  • emotional distancing or separation from loved ones
  • failure or difficulty reducing or eliminating unwanted or intrusive sexual thoughts or behaviors
  • going to great lengths to hide or keep secret sexual relationships or behaviors
  • intense feelings of guilt or shame due to sexual behaviors and/or living a “double life”
  • a noticeable escalation in pursuit of sexual behaviors and activities (i.e masturbation to strip clubs to sex with anonymous partners to seeking prostitutes)
  • erectile dysfunction resulting from excessive masturbation, or other medical issues resulting from sexual behaviors
  • depression and/or anxiety
  • legal issues resulting from sexual exploits or behaviors
  • use of pornography and masturbation have become a frequent part of your normal routine
  • feelings of loneliness or that no one will understand

You’re Not Alone

Treatment for Men and Women

Finding recovery means stepping out of the darkness and into the light. Addiction is secretive and keeps you hidden in shadows-alone and isolated. Taking this step into the light is often overwhelming and scary. We’re here to be your guide.

Individual treatment is designed to help you stop your unwanted and intrusive acting-out behavior, and to uncover and heal the wounds driving your addiction. Working one-on-one with a therapist offers an environment of safety, healing and support so that you can travel down your path of healing and wholeness with courage. 

You are not alone. There are many just like you who have been in the same place you are now. There is hope! It’s never too late to start. We’re here to help.


Out of Shadows, Into Light

Group therapy is an essential part of recovery. You need to know that you simply cannot do it alone. Embracing the challenge of recovery and finding healing with others who are experiencing the same struggles is incredibly powerful. Finding connection and brotherhood with others is essential in healing what’s wounded.

Groups are available throughout the week. Contact us for more information on current groups. 

Support for Partners

Recovery is never one sided in a relationship. We firmly believe that support for you as the spouse or partner of an addict is absolutely essential, both for you and the relationship.

Space for Healing

Discovering a husband’s or loved one’s pornography use or other compulsive behaviors can be incredibly difficult. Deep and troubling emotions can arise. Feelings of betrayal, hurt, rejection, disgust, confusion, anger or shock often present themselves. In these times it’s essential that you have a place for support and healing.

It’s our pleasure and privilige to provide such a place. 

Couples Recovery

Attachment and bonding are often deeply impacted when one partner has an addiction. Restoring the bonds and healing the hurts are a necessary part of the recovery process.

Getting back to “love”

We can help you get back to a place of safety, trust, and connection so that you can feel close, strengthen your bond, and feel important and valued to each other.  

LifeStar Recovery Program

The LifeStar Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to help guide you through recovery from beginning to recovery maintainence. The LifeStar program has been helping people find relief and recovery from the powerful grips of addiction and other unwanted sexual compulsion behaviors for over 20 years. 

We’re proud to be associated with LifeStar and look forward to helping guide you to a life of wholeness and recovery. 

We’re here to help you heal.

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