welcome sign_page sizeYou’re here! I’m here! And it’s about time we get this thing rolling.  I’ve been intending to get this blog started since I launched Family Strong about 18 months or so ago. But who’s counting.  Except me apparently.

This blog is about health, and family, and happiness and strength and love. A lot of family. And A LOT of love. At least that’s the plan. Being Family Strong is all about finding, living, loving and learning to be the best version of you. And so will be this blog.

I have plans for this blog. Big ones. And if one or two of those plans come together I’ll be ecstatic. Quite frankly, I have no idea what this thing will be down the road. That usually scares me, the unknown (as I’m sure it does many of you) and you can bet there will be a post or two about that very idea. But right now I’m here, you’re here and I’m excited about it.

I imagine you’re probably wanting to know a little bit about me and why it is I think I get to have a say in anything related to professional mental health. I mean, who could blame you. I’d want to know a little about me too. I’m a therapist. A pretty good one, or so my wife tells me. A Marriage and Family Therapist to be exact. Rob Reynolds, MAMFT is what you’ll find on my business card.

As a marriage and family therapist I work a lot with systems-family systems, relationship systems, people systems. I help people and families struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, stress management and relationship problems. The way I typically think about a person is in the context of a system. Even individually we tend to “systemize” ourselves. When was the last time you said “part of me feels…, and the other part feels…?” See what I mean? If you think about yourself as parts interacting then you’re thinking about yourself in terms of a system. I know what you’re thinking right about now-mind=blown. Don’t worry there will be much more of that. I find it a useful way to think about us as humans cohabiting this not-so-big-anymore planet of ours and I’m hoping you’ll find it useful too.

In addition to my own musings and observations and professional opinions, you’re also gonna find some writing from some of my colleagues, associates, and those whom I find exceptional. Please don’t hesitate to enjoy, relish, despise, be angered by or feel something about any of them.

So. Here we go. Thanks for your support and your eyes and your opinions. It really, truly is appreciated.


It’s nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy the ride.