Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling in Arvada and Littleton

We believe at Family Strong that we’re all born with the need for both giving and receiving love, affection and closeness. When that closeness is lacking in the relationships most important to us we feel lost, confused, lonely and hurt. Family Strong specializes in marriage counseling focused on helping you strengthen your bonds and deepen your connection with the most important person in your life.

If you’re experiencing fighting, a lack of closeness, feeling like co-habitating roommates or “best friends” but not lovers, you’re probably also having feelings of deep longing, missing each other, hurt or anger. Often, when deep and intimate connection has slipped away we turn to bickering and arguing as a way to try and be heard. Tensions frequently arise and a push pull of “I need you so badly but I’m feeling so hurt or unheard by you” causes us to get stuck in patterns of negative words and feelings. These cycles can cause us to fear our partner really isn’t there for us or that we just don’t matter. Family Strong counselors are trained and experienced at slowing down these cycles and helping you learn to express your fears, longings, needs and pain with each other in a way that brings you together instead of pushing you apart.

How can we feel close again?

Family Strong couples counseling in Littleton and Arvada focuses on the stuckness you are feeling and helps you learn new steps to the intimate “dance” you share with your partner. We help to get you and your partner back to a place of safety and security, intimacy, strong and lasting passion, trust, and happiness. Learning how to interact again in new, loving and authentic ways gives you a blueprint for a lifetime of love and happiness. Though it might not feel like it to you right now, we believe that it’s never too late. No matter what’s happened or where your connection has gone you can have deep, long lasting, fulfilling connection.

Our approach to couples counseling utilizes a model of therapy called EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). EFT addresses the core issues of emotional closeness, trust and connection. Our EFT therapists help to

  • identify the patterns that get you stuck as well as your individual needs for connection and closeness
  • learn how to recognize each other’s pain in a genuine, caring, and authentic way
  • help you learn to connect and reconnect whenever you need
  • guide you through healing past wounds and learn how to not let them negatively affect you or the relationship now
  • make the relationship a safe shelter for you and your partner

We used to be happy. What happened?

Early on in a relationship the passion and connection often come pretty easy. Desire, attraction, and excitement are strong. Maybe you found it easier to just let things go. Perhaps arguments felt less significant and were easier to reconcile. Overtime, the initial flames of excitement and newness die down and it’s normal to start to settle into ups and downs. Every relationship goes through cycles and every couple faces difficult issues! We’re here to help guide you out of the hurtful patterns you may have settled into and back into a cycle of love, understanding, fulfillment, trust and deep connection.

Can our marriage or relationship be saved?

Yes! Without a doubt! No question! We absolutely believe in the possibility of being happy together for a lifetime. Getting you back to a place of secure attachment and bonding means restructuring the interaction with each other in a way that permits you to do it over and over again forever

What about our sex life?

Returning to a place of loving connection and creating bonds of tenderness and emotional responsiveness will allow desire, passion and even eroticism to return to your sexlife. Developing deep emotional closeness has the potential to enhance both physical pleasure and emotional fulfillment in lovemaking. Our experience has shown that the more couples develop emotional connection, the more fun, satisfying and enriching lovemaking becomes.

So what do we do?

Experiencing relationship distress can be overwhelming. It can impact your work, your friendships and your family life. It can be hard to know where to turn or what to do when everything you’ve tried on your own hasn’t helped. You’ve already taken the first step! By visiting our site you’ve acknowledged that your marriage is in a fragile place and that you need help! The next step is to arrange an initial session or free phone consultation. Couples often feel relief and hope just by making a call to us! We’re here to guide you through the next steps.

If you’re experiencing difficulty in your relationship and would like help restoring the trust and connection you once shared by breaking the patterns that keep you stuck email or call us today. We’re available for a free phone consultation.

  • Are you there for me?
  • Do I really matter to you? 
  • Will you be there when I need you most?
  • Can I turn to you when I’m hurting or afraid? Can I come to you for comfort?
  • Do you love me for me? Can I be myself with you?
  • Are you “in my corner?” Are we in this together?

Couples counseling at Family Strong can help you answer yes to these questions!